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Design And Development of Irrigation System Using Solar Energy to Cow Shade

EasyChair Preprint no. 5443

20 pagesDate: May 4, 2021


It is essential to provide good housing and farm layouts for rearing and milking dairy stock in the tropics to reduce the extreme effects of air temperature and humidity. Such control improves milk production by reducing stress and disease hazards and also making herd management easier. Environmental control includes sanitation and effluent management. This chapter discusses housing for non-grazed dairy herds. Housing requirements fort milking herds with access to pasture for grazing are simpler because they only require sheds for milk harvesting and for milk rearing calves. The features of shed design specifically to minimise the adverse effects of heat stress were discussed in the previous chapter. This chapter concludes with a detailed checklist for planning dairy shed design. With feed troughs, the width should be related to the reach of the animals. which is up to 80 cm for mature dairy cows eating from the base of the trough 30 cm above ground level. The base of the trough should then be raised 10-30 cm, with the front 50 cm above this. Cows in tie stalls are likely to have restricted reach.  Feeding strips should be positioned 7-15 cm above cow feet level, with a nib wall 40- 55 cm above the feeding strip, to protect the feed from the effluent. Feed barrier walls wider than 15 cm can restrict how far stock can reach into troughs or onto feed strips. Molasses blocks are a good supplement and can be used as carriers of non-protein N or minerals. The blocks are solid, and fairly easy to make, transport and store. Molasses intakes should not exceed 20% of the total intake, because at higher levels it will depress digestibility.

Keyphrases: Dairy, Energy, Irrigation, Solar

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