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Synthesis of the management strategy of the ship power plant for the combined propulsion complex

EasyChair Preprint no. 1753

4 pagesDate: October 23, 2019


Based on the calculations of the x-velocity components at the intersection of the screw flow along the rotation axis with the dimensions in units of the screw diameter for the vessel in dynamic positioning mode, the method of surface orientation of the Reynolds-Navier-Stokes equation for mass transfer on the separation line of the medium from different coefficients of properties. The limitation of power and torque on propeller shaft lines is ensured by the redistribution of the emphasis between the motors or the reduction of the maximum load. The three-level multicriterion strategy of energy distribution management in the hybrid marine power plant of the combined propulsion complex was developed by integrating the classical power management strategy with the strategy of management and monitoring of the state of the medium-speed diesel generator and the degree of charge of the alternative generator element of the energy accumulation system.

Keyphrases: combined propulsive complex, effectiveness, Functionality, management strategy, ship power plants, synthesis

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