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Risk Factors Affecting PPP Project of Highway by Using Analytical Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 11851

4 pagesDate: January 22, 2024


PPP Highway construction projects is highly considered in current construction situation as per the work intensity and budget of the project it is observed that there is a lack in government programs due to which they are giving construction work to PPP sector and on the second-hand PPP construction have shown very high quality of work in any scenario as compared to Government. PPP is having full strength of skilled labour, quick release of payment, and mainly Quality work and against all these there are weak area which PPP construction needs to clear up. And into this One of the Area come i.e. Risks. Risk in construction is very common but to avoid those risks is a challenging stage. And for this we had collected information from outer sources and from literature review we got 187 factor that affect this area but in this also we seen many factor that are same so we have validated the factor and after that we got 35 factors of Risk area that must be considered and after validating, we used Analytical method to give ranking by using Likert scale.

Keyphrases: (Public Private Partnership), developing countries, Highway Construction Projects, Quantitative Perspective, Risks Analysis

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