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Logistics Container Warehouse in a Tandem Sea Port

EasyChair Preprint no. 6979

10 pagesDate: November 2, 2021


Background: The paper solves the problem of the logistics of container warehouses in a tandem seaport - LMK . The subject of transport is a ship that transports goods in containers. LMK is dispersed - it is located on N wharfs (n=1,…, N) of the port. It stores containers with goods delivered from ships and factories by trains or cars. The warehouses contain stacks of containers with only the top of the stack available. Due to the unloading time, the containers from ships, trains/TIRs are placed on the nearest free positions in the warehouse. Due to the loading time, the containers should be collected from the warehouse. For this purpose, the containers should be reloaded in the logistics warehouse. The unit price of the container storage (in the warehouse) is minimized. The presented problem belongs to the NP class - its optimal solution requires a review of all variants. The container reloading algorithm includes: designating quays at which ships can be unloaded, designating quays where ships can be loaded, calculating the costs of storing containers in warehouses, designating tugs for a ship, setting vessel traffic schedules and a port optimization criterion. These variables can be determined by the multi-stage programming method - a problem of the NP class with small N.

Methods: The presented problem was solved with the artificial intelligence method with the help of the dedicated software. The optimization criterion was minimization of the service time of this warehouse, taking into account limitations.

Results: A logistics system for handling a sea port container warehouse was developed.

Conclusions: Global IT allows you to designate containers with exported / imported goods. The large port database allows you to designate the quays for the ship. The high speed of the computer allows you to determine the optimal solution.

Keyphrases: container warehouse, Logistics, Optimization, port, reloading algorithm

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