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The Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to Assess Effects of Shade on Building Energy Use

EasyChair Preprint no. 11379

9 pagesDate: November 24, 2023


Green building design promotes reductions in building energy use. In most climates, the building’s heating and cooling loads account for the greater portion of the energy consumed, but they are also significantly affected by the location and type of objects near the building. The presence or absence of shade on the building facade directly affects the indoor temperature. Therefore, by performing an energy analysis of a given building with and without the presence of landscape and other elements, we can quantify these effects. However, since such a practice for a real building on a real site is impracticable, a method of simulation must be employed. Building Information Modeling (BIM) integrated all the information required to construct a building and is, therefore, the best technique to conduct such simulations. This study presented the results of a series of simulations leveraging the parametric modeling capabilities of BIM, using a base test building model created in Autodesk Revit. Once the building parameters are set, BIM allows for the energy simulation to be run with various combinations of site features, which is not only advantageous in the design of the building and its systems, but also for any future changes contemplated to site features. Through BIM energy simulations, this study showed the significant effects on building energy use that can be achieved through the location, orientation, and shade density of various objects.

Keyphrases: Building energy modeling, Building Information Modeling, Effects of tree shade, Green Building, REVIT SOFTWARE

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