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Development of Spreadsheets for Small and Medium Enterprises in Managing Construction Projects

EasyChair Preprint no. 7731

6 pagesDate: April 6, 2022


Successful performance and completion of construction projects highly depend on an adequate time scheduling of the project activities. The research is aimed to develop a simple, affordable and powerful computer application for planning, designing and controlling construction projects by small construction enterprises. The development of package for analysis and design of civil engineering structures is a useful work which effectively utilizes MS EXCEL environment. The main objective of developing a computerization system is to reduce the paper work and safe of time in management which increases the efficiency and decreasing the work load. It provides flexibility of generating the required documents on screen when required. Building contains various structural elements like beam, column, footing, etc. and each element is designed as per Indian standard so while estimating materials and cost of project we have to estimate each element manually but it is time consuming. In market various software’s available for estimating quantity of material required but that software are costly and need higher skill operator to operate that software. For saving time in estimating of various structural elements, one need to have their own computer program or design aids or spreadsheet. In this research we have developed excel program spreadsheet for the quantity and material cost estimation and design of various structural elements like footing, beam, column and slab which helps us in faster calculation during design.

Keyphrases: construction, Designing, estimation, Microsoft Excel, project management, Spreadsheets

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