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Double skin suitable for mediterranean climate in school-gym buildings.

EasyChair Preprint no. 965

9 pagesDate: May 4, 2019


The requalification of public buildings especially schools, represents an important task for the Italian Government not only for their educational function but also for the important social role they play. These schools were usually constructions built during the ‘60s or ‘70s with old technical characteristics and expensive maintenance costs which causes a serious waste of energy. Due to the large number of schools scattered nationwide and the limited space for new buildings, it is better to refurbish them using design choices that improve their architectural quality and structural and functional efficiency. This study focuses on the restoration and energy building improvement of a school-gym located in the seaside town of Pesaro, in the center of Italy. With careful design based on the analysis of the Mediterranean climate data of the site and the microclimate related to the precise position of the building, the design concept achieves high performance energy saving and lower production of CO2.

Keyphrases: building envelope, design concept, energy efficiency, existing building, high standard retrofitting, Mediterranean climate, public building, school gym, Sustainability

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