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Blockchain Based Online Voting System Using RSA Algorithm

EasyChair Preprint no. 7407

8 pagesDate: February 1, 2022


Blockchain is a decentralized platform Which provides the security and the integrity of the data that are been saved in the cloud. Electronic polling system provides the voters like accessibility and convenience to the user to solid their state at any time and from any place. Any device which can be connected to the internet can be used to cast their votes from any place in the world. Security for the system is been made sure by using the RSA algorithm. Despite these advantages, online voting is been approached with caution since it poses new risks. A single flaw can result in a significant shift in vote totals, which can have far-reaching consequences. To address these concerns, blockchain technology was introduced which provides decentralized nodes for electronic voting solution with distributed, non-reputation, and security protection properties. The following article provides an overview of RSA Algorithm based online voting system. The block chain technology was identified to be able to help alleviate some of the challenges in block chain applications, such as privacy protection and transaction speed. The security of remote participation must be realistic for a block chain based electronic voting system to be sustainable, and transaction speed must be addressed for scalability. As a result of these issues. The present framework were found to be in need of improvement to be used in the voting system.

Keyphrases: Blockchain based Voting, online voting, Privacy, RSA algorithm, Security

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