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Design of Railway Accident Analysis System Based on Artificial Intelligence

EasyChair Preprint no. 4246

9 pagesDate: September 22, 2020


Since railway traffic has come into people’s life, it has been acting as a very important role in people’s daily living. The major content of this research is to build a railway accident analysis system based on Artificial Intelligence (aliased as AI) which has the function of railway accident reproduction and traffic data analysis, based on Microsoft Train Simulator (aliased as MSTS) platform, taking the train crash happened on 29th June, 2009 in Chenzhou for example. This research reproduces the environment scenes when the accident in Chenzhou happens with the help of MSTS, including the longitude, the latitude, the landform, the buildings, the platforms, the traffic and the track installment of that time, and represents the real situation at a driver’s visual angle. Besides, the research also build a railway traffic data collecting and analyzing system based on C#, with the help of Cheat Engine, Access and Visual Studio 2010. The system can automatically track and analyze the traffic data in MSTS. This reproduction procedure is with great significance for analyzing the real accident.

Keyphrases: accident analysis, Accident reproduction, Artificial Intelligence, Rail traffic

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