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Property Model Methodology: key principles and benefits for future aircraft programs

EasyChair Preprint no. 2104

14 pagesDate: December 5, 2019


In the growing level of complexity of systems, classical MBSE descriptive approaches have shown their limitations vs strong development program expectations in terms of quality, costs and lead-time improvements. This paper is presenting an innovative Modelling & Simulation method called X-METHOD®. This method fosters an effective preventive approach in the end2end system development cycle (ie: system specification, design and physical test/integration). This preventive improvement is emerging from the sound integration, by the X-METHOD®, of key Sys-tem Engineering principles with Modelling & Simulation means. We will present X-METHOD® principles and process steps, then the result of a first real evaluation on an aircraft manufacturer pilots confirming the pertinence of X-METHOD® vision. Finally, next steps to target a future generalization are exposed in conclusion.

Keyphrases: MBSE, modelling, simulation, System Engineering, V&V

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