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ILANJI-Automated Irrigation System

EasyChair Preprint no. 2262

6 pagesDate: December 26, 2019


The automated system enables to find an efficient way of irrigation control mechanism for a large farm based on the crop variety and other primary factors. While each crop variety requires a different amount of irrigation at a regular interval of time, to make it still more efficient, additional factors are put under the consideration for irrigation to take place. These factors are moisture content of the soil, area of each plot and weather forecast. These data sets are processed using machine learning model, which provides a processed prioritized list of plots with their keys for irrigation. While these data inputs are used to process the irrigation requirement, the farmers are eased with an interactive UI in their android mobile. The UI provides a clear view of the plots and the irrigation level with additional data under the hands of the farmer. On the other hand, on the farm, the automated irrigation is accessed by controlled solenoid valves which work on the basis of a pre-defined operation.

Keyphrases: Agriculture, automated irrigation system, drip irrigation, Irrigation, machine learning, moisture, water

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