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An Alternative Natural Action Interface for Virtual Reality

EasyChair Preprint no. 758

9 pagesDate: January 28, 2019


The development of affordable virtual reality (VR) hardware represents a keystone of progress in modern software development and human-computer interaction. Despite the ready availability of robust hardware tools, there is presently a lack of video games or software in VR that demonstrates the gamut of unique and novel interfaces a virtual environment can provide. In this paper, we present a virtual reality video game which introduces unique user interface elements that can only be achieved in a 3D virtual environment. The video game, titled Wolf Hunt, provides users with a menu system that innovates on traditional interfaces with a virtual representation of a common item people interact with daily: a mobile phone. Wolf Hunt throws users into a procedurally generated world where they take the role of an individual escaping a wolf assailant. Deviating from traditional locomotion options in VR interfaces, such as teleportation, Wolf Hunt measures the displacement of hand-held VR controllers with the VR headset to simulate the natural action of running. Wolf Hunt provides an alternate interfacing solution for VR systems without having to conform to common 2D interface design schemes.

Keyphrases: Human Computer Interaction (HCI), locomotion, user interface, Virtual Reality (VR)

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