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A Text Summarization Using Multi Linguistic Features and Fuzzy Logic Technique of Sentences

EasyChair Preprint no. 5377

11 pagesDate: April 25, 2021


Automated word specification assessment is very important to the progress of characterization systems which develop analytical analysis that case the main target of the given evidence.  Along the improvement about bulk of text file material, automated characterization of text file material is now in necessary use for productive preparing of the enormous material against enormous, strong - framed, consistent material. Automated characterization is assert issue now in combinational syntax, during the time that word characterization act an efficient mechanism for prepare large material assets now in PC earth. present individually gain scheduled paper now in that individually include prepared other appearance as content survey eradication against given broad material also prepared owned conclusion now in details of total containing presence treated for derive content analysis. derive arbitrary conclusion commonly concerned by amount of material in case appeal is broad then narrow  number of treated appearance can begin to the abrupt conclusion alike to achieve diseased related decision either irrational abstract.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, Data Improvement, Feature derivation, flossy structure, POS label, Removal synopsis, Word compile

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