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Load Frequency Control Analysis of PV System Using PID and ANFC Controller

EasyChair Preprint no. 8330

6 pagesDate: June 21, 2022


This paper deals with the Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)–based load frequency controller (LFC). These controllers are projected for load frequency control of the thermal-Photovoltaic (PV) power generation entity as a hybrid power system. In this study, random solar isolation is applied to the proposed hybrid power system. The proposed hybrid power system consists of a PV power unit with a maximum power point tracking control, a PV inverter, and an AC load. Simulations are performed with structural change in the load setting. The solar isolation results are compared with conventional proportional integral- derivative (PID) and fuzzy logic controller (FLC). The results are then projected with an ANFIS-based LFC. The simulation results observed that ANFIS attains a relatively better response for the frequency deviation profile. It typically controls the frequency deviation of a given hybrid power system and thereby advances the dynamic performances. The results also show that the performance of the hybrid power system with the use of ANFIS-based neuro-fuzzy controllers attains relatively better than those attained by the PID and FLC.

Keyphrases: active power, Active power generation, adaptive network based fuzzy-inference system, anfc controller, Automatic Generation Control, block diagram, Control Mechanism, experimented anfis based lfc, frequency deviation, Fuzzy Inference System, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Logic Controller, fuzzy rule, Gbell membership function, Governor Valve, hybrid power, Hybrid power system, load frequency, Load Frequency Controller, Maximum Power Point Tracking, Neuro Fuzzy Controller, output power, output power command, PID controller, power generation, power system, reactive power, simulation, solar isolation, thermal pv hybrid power system, time constant

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