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ARCH-COMP18 Category Report: Hybrid Systems Theorem Proving

18 pagesPublished: September 17, 2018


This paper reports on establishing Hybrid Systems Theorem Proving (HSTP) as a new category in the ARCH-COMP Friendly Competition 2018. The most important char- acteristic features of the HSTP category are: i) The flexibility of programming languages as structuring principles for hybrid systems, ii) The unambiguity and precision of program semantics, and iii) The mathematical rigor of logical reasoning principles. The HSTP category especially features many nonlinear and parametric continuous and hybrid sys- tems. Owing to the nature of theorem proving, HSTP is able to accomodate three modes: A) Automatic in which the entire verification is performed fully automatically without any additional input beyond the original hybrid system and its safety specification. H) Hints in which select proof hints are provided as part of the input problem specification, allowing users to communicate specific advice about the system such as loop invariants. S) Scripted in which a significant part of the verification is done with dedicated proof scripts or problem-specific proof tactics. This threefold split makes it possible to better identify the sources of scalability and efficiency bottlenecks in hybrid systems theorem proving. The existence of all three categories also makes it easier for new tools with a different focus to participate in the competition, wherever they focus on in the spectrum from fast proof checking all the way to full automation. The types of benchmarks considered and experimental findings are described in this paper as well.

In: Goran Frehse (editor). ARCH18. 5th International Workshop on Applied Verification of Continuous and Hybrid Systems, vol 54, pages 110--127

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