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Software Engineering Principles and Security Vulnerabilities

11 pagesPublished: March 13, 2019


Software Engineering principles have connections with design science, including cybersecurity concerns pertaining to vulnerabilities, trust and reputation. The work of this paper surveys, identifies, establishes and explores these connections. Identification and addressing of security issues and concerns during the early phases of software development life cycle, especially during the requirements analysis and design phases; and importance of inclusion of security requirements have also been illustrated. In addition to that, effective and efficient strategies and techniques to prevent, mitigate and remediate security vulnerabilities by the application of the principles of trust modelling and design science research methodology have also been presented.

Keyphrases: Cybersecurity, Design Science, Reputation, software requirements, Trust

In: Gordon Lee and Ying Jin (editors). Proceedings of 34th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, vol 58, pages 180--190

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