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Orbital Views - defying gravity

5 pagesPublished: February 11, 2018


The Orbital Views program brings virtual reality in true weightless and partial weight environments, in preparation for real space missions in orbit and on the surface of other planets. It opens opportunities for the training of astronauts on critical tasks that can only be trained in reduced-weight environments such as parabolic flights. With appropriate installations, Orbital Views also allows modern space tourists to experience the sights, sounds, and proprioceptive feelings of space without actually going there.

Keyphrases: space psychology, space tourism, Virtual Reality

In: Akihiko Shirai, Laurent Chretien, Anne-Sophie Clayer, Simon Richir and Shoichi Hasegawa (editors). ReVo 2017: Laval Virtual ReVolution 2017 "Transhumanism++", vol 1, pages 31--35

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