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Achieving Long-Lasting Digital Change in Higher Education

9 pagesPublished: August 9, 2023


This paper proposes an approach for implementing long-lasting digital transformation in higher education. As a motivation for the approach, we describe four typical reasons why digital transformation does not reach the set goals in higher education institutions. To address the challenge, two steps are needed. Firstly, we need to recognise the true nature of digital transformation – it is a complex process with building blocks both inside and outside the organisation. Secondly, we need to appreciate the size of the challenge – the digital transformation process is directly or indirectly linked to all major parts of the organisation. Consequently, successful implementation of digital change cannot be done as a traditional IT project or programme. Instead, several areas in the organisation will need to be addressed in a holistic way.
The first area is strategy, where we need to ensure the visibility of the digital world and its impact on the business. The second area is the role of digital technologies and the IT organisation. New approaches and working practices will be needed to move IT closer to the business. The third area is value creation, and here we need to combine traditional IT projects with business reengineering. The fourth area to address is structure, and this typically means both processes and the organisation. The fifth area combines culture and skills. We will have to make sure that people understand and accept the change and have the required competences to make it happen.

Keyphrases: Business Process Reengineering, Digital Transformation, higher education

In: Jean-François Desnos and Martín López Nores (editors). Proceedings of European University Information Systems Congress 2023, vol 95, pages 49--57

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