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Desarrollo de una aplicación informática que implemente técnicas de geomarketing. Caso de estudio: Sitios turísticos

13 pagesPublished: May 26, 2023


In a globalized world we see that technology is a fundamental pillar in the market, so if we have the knowledge of how to take advantage and implement these advances in business, it allows us to generate added value compared to competitors and it makes a difference in our product or service in such a competitive world.
A very important technological tool today is the Internet, one of the benefits of using this technology is the possibility of carrying out activities, without having to move from one place to another. There is a diversity of computer applications focused on the resolution of different problems, which can be installed in various devices, whether fixed or mobile, being the current trend to use devices with greater reach and immediate availability for people such as tablets and cell phones.
Currently, people have little time to do their personal activities such as the search for tourist sites such as: restaurants, hotels, bars among others, factors such as time and money savings make it necessary to find places near our location to perform recreational activities, so it is proposed to take advantage of the technology boom to have a technological tool that meets this need.
One of the important aspects of the tool is that it shows information that was previously collected through sentiment analysis techniques, and will provide a service to the user in such a way that it can be sure that these sites are of quality and You will get a good experience when entering them, since the application has data studied and analyzed that give you reliability.
Geomarketing has an extensive field that should be used even more with technological advances, offering new functionalities and possibilities to capture greater customer service. The proposed solution will take advantage of current technologies and also encourages tourism by motivating users to visit more places and share new social and recreational experiences, which they did not know existed and were within reach.

Keyphrases: geo-tagging, geolocation, Geomarketing, mobile application, Tourism

In: Estevan Gomez and Nelson Ivan Herrera Herrera (editors). Proceedings of The 2022 International Conference on Digital Transformation and Innovation Technology, vol 15, pages 30--42

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