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Towards a Bidirectional Coupling of Pedestrian Dynamics and Mobile Communication Simulation

8 pagesPublished: December 10, 2019


In order to accurately evaluate new concepts and protocols for mobile communication networks, realistic mobility models are needed. Furthermore, for use cases which have a bidirectional dependency between communication and mobility, changes in communication lead to changes in mobility and vice versa, thus requiring an online coupling between models. Therefore, bidirectional coupling to incorporate realistic mobility patterns is state of the art in the analysis of Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) applications.
However, the same need exist for use cases where the mobile users are pedestrians rather than vehicles. Therefore, this paper introduces our current, on-going work on connecting OMNeT++ and Vadere, an open source simulation framework for microscopic pedestrian dynamics, to benefit from state of the art pedestrian mobility models in mobile communication use cases. The presented coupling is based on the existing Traffic Control Interface (TraCI) protocol used in the Veins (Vehicles in Network Simulation) framework to connect OMNeT++ with SUMO.

Keyphrases: coupled simulation, Mobility Models, network simulation, OMNeT++, pedestrian simulation, Vadere, Veins

In: Meyo Zongo, Antonio Virdis, Vladimir Vesely, Zeynep Vatandas, Asanga Udugama, Koojana Kuladinithi, Michael Kirsche and Anna Förster (editors). Proceedings of 6th International OMNeT++ Community Summit 2019, vol 66, pages 60--67

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