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Enabling Collaboration with Enterprise Architecture and Interoperability: Digivisio 2030 Programme in Finland

10 pagesPublished: August 9, 2023


Digivisio 2030 is a joint programme of higher education institutions (HEI) in Finland with an objective of creating a national digital service platform. The platform will enable compatibility of digital services, provide guidance based on digital pedagogy and curricular data as well as learner’s data, and make the data available for individuals and society.
Interoperability and adhering to standards are important principles of the common enterprise architecture of Digivisio guiding the development of the digital service platform. Integrations should be consistently implemented to ensure the interoperability of information systems, improve data quality, expedite processes, and reduce manual labor . T echnology solutions must adhere to the selected standards, support interoperability, increase the ability to manage systems, enhance user satisfaction, promote information security and privacy, while also being justified from an overall economic perspective.
International standards cannot be taken "as is" to make the basis of the operational model concerning students and their study rights. National legislation in the field of higher education varies between countries, and this field is usually quite strictly regulated. Thus, interoperability support on the international level is a balancing act where there is a need to find a common denominator and enough flexibility to allow extensions for local or future needs.
The presentation suggests that a common integration architecture in Finland built with a mapping to selected international standards will enable national integrations with international systems such as the Europass platform. The same issues that need to be solved on the national level will have to be solved on the European level as well. The changes need to be implemented on multiple levels, including legislation, processes and operational models, as well as the technical and infrastructure levels.

Keyphrases: continuous learning, digital service, Enterprise Architecture, Europass, Interoperability, standards

In: Jean-François Desnos and Martín López Nores (editors). Proceedings of European University Information Systems Congress 2023, vol 95, pages 301--310

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