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Collaborative Development of High Resolution Pluvial Flood Maps for Flanders

8 pagesPublished: September 20, 2018


As part of the low countries and with one of the highest population densities worldwide, the Flemish region has experienced a long history of flooding causing tens of millions euro damage each year. In response to this, water managers invested over the past decade in flood modelling and mapping with a fluvial origin. In recent years, pluvial flooding has also occurred numerous times in Flanders, but a region-wide map describing these processes more in detail in terms of extent, depth and probability was lacking. Following a pilot-study in 2016, the VMM undertook in 2017 the VLAGG1- project to develop a region-wide, high-resolution pluvial flood map for Flanders. Via a combination of state-of-the art methodologies and web technologies, a draft flood map was presented to a broad reviewing community across Flanders, who were then able to improve it further by adding local knowledge on known flooding and more detailed data on key hydraulic structures. In a three month period, over 7000 additions were made by 370 delegates from 165 organizations that have been incorporated into, and significantly improved the quality of the final flood maps which are due to be published in 2019.

Keyphrases: 2D modelling, climate change, external review, impacts analysis, pluvial flood mapping, web technology

In: Goffredo La Loggia, Gabriele Freni, Valeria Puleo and Mauro De Marchis (editors). HIC 2018. 13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics, vol 3, pages 381--388

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