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On-line Measuring Sensors for Smart Water Network Monitoring

10 pagesPublished: September 20, 2018


Smart cities are getting essential to drive economic growth, increase social prospects and improve high-quality lifestyle for citizens. To meet the goal of smart cities, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have a key role. The application of smart solutions will allow the cities to use ICT and big data to improve infrastructure and services (i.e. network efficiency, protection from contamination, etc.). In the water sector, the integration of smart meters and sensors coupled with cloud computing and the paradigm of “divide and conquer” introduces a novel and smart management of the water network allowing an efficient online monitoring and transforming the traditional water networks into modern Smart WAter Networks (SWAN). The Ctrl+SWAN (Cloud Technologies & ReaL time monitoring+Smart WAter Network) Action Group (AG) was created within the European Innovation Partnership on Water, in order to promote innovation in the water sector by advancing existing smart solutions. The paper presents an update of a previous work on the state of the art on the best On-line Measuring Sensors (OMS) already available on the market and innovative technologies in the Research and Development (R&D) phases.

Keyphrases: online monitoring, partitioning, protection, sensor, smart management, Smart Water Networks

In: Goffredo La Loggia, Gabriele Freni, Valeria Puleo and Mauro De Marchis (editors). HIC 2018. 13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics, vol 3, pages 572--581

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