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The Learning Network Program – An online collaborative methodology

9 pagesPublished: February 12, 2020


The Learning Network Program is an initiative and an online collaborative methodology which can be applied to all age ranges, with students from the beginner level up to university students. It is an interschool project promoted by the Brazilian NGO Instituto Crescer since 2010, and it is been promoting interaction between schools from different parts of the world. Teachers, together with their students, work on a topic proposed by Instituto Crescer, relative to the environment, historical memory, citizenship or culture of the region where the school is located. The whole process is documented in a virtual community, such as Facebook, by the teachers themselves, who also have the objective of sharing the work of the other schools with their students. At one point of the project, students have a video conference call to exchange impressions and experiences about the work they did. Students not only become familiar with other cultures, but also begin to gain deeper knowledge about their own reality.

Keyphrases: collaboration, e-learning, learning network, Online Methodology, social network

In: Claudia Urrea (editor). Proceedings of the MIT LINC 2019 Conference, vol 3, pages 72--80

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