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Antifounded Coinduction in Type Theory

1 pagesPublished: May 15, 2012


Venanzio Capretta, Varmo Vene and I have previously studied antifounded algebras as a a category-theoretic formulation of antifounded coinduction. These are the dual of wellfounded coalgebras, a category theorist's take on wellfounded induction, closely related to the Bove-Capretta method for justifying function definitions by general recursion in type theory.

In this talk, we discuss one possible type-theoretic approach to antifounded coinduction.

Keyphrases: antifounded coinduction, corecursion, subset, quotient types, type theory, wellfounded induction, recursion

In: Ekaterina Komendantskaya, Ana Bove and Milad Niqui (editors). PAR-10. Partiality and Recursion in Interactive Theorem Provers, vol 5, pages 114--114

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