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Modelling Green Technology Adoption Based on Sustainable Construction Practices

11 pagesPublished: October 23, 2017


New digital technologies have the potential to monitor the environmental footprint, mainly Carbon emissions due to massive material consumption, earth-moving equipment. However, the construction projects slowly adopt such technologies only for monitoring the footprint and other sustainability purposes. Despite the government’s policies and external pushes, the adoption decision for sustainability innovations largely depends on different stakeholders’ behaviour including developers, consultants, and contractors. This paper presents a novel conceptual model for green technology adoption regarding sustainability in construction industry. This model is developed based on six main constructs organizational facilitating conditions, expected performance, expected efforts, innovativeness, optimism, and user performance.
In order to develop the model, factors affecting the green technology adoption process are identified, a questionnaire is designed, and an empirical investigation is conducted to collect data from construction companies. Regression analysis is utilized to analyse the data using SPSS. The findings show the importance of a series of factors influencing sustainable technology adoption. Based on the extensive review on the relevant literature, few empirical studies have been conducted to examine the proposed constructs sustainable technology. The results are also provide a guidance to broaden understanding of users’ adoption behaviour within this context and thereby increasing the chances for successful adoption of sustainable technology and develop activity-level.

Keyphrases: Construction projects, Green Building, Sustainability, Technology Adoption Model

In: Marsha Lamb (editor). AUBEA 2017: Australasian Universities Building Education Association Conference 2017, vol 1, pages 305--315

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