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Leibniz on Reasoning about Impossible Concepts

5 pagesPublished: May 25, 2019


Leibniz wrote down a proof for the existence of God accompanied by a note on im- possible concepts. A possibly true contradiction is quite unusual and not compatible with mainstream logic or his “Theodicy”. His example of such a contradiction about an impossible concept, the “square circle”, is still popular in contemporary metaphysics. Similar examples make the proposition of contradiction and possible truth controversial. An alter- native formalization approach avoids contradictions by using a description logics extension to a different kind of concept composition.

Keyphrases: concept composition, Description Logics, Impossible Concept, multi-modal logic

In: Christoph Benzmüller, Xavier Parent and Alexander Steen (editors). Selected Student Contributions and Workshop Papers of LuxLogAI 2018, vol 10, pages 27--31

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