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Inducing markup from Natural Language Context

5 pagesPublished: May 25, 2019

Abstract creates, supports and maintain schemas for structured data on the web pages. For a non-technical author, it is difficult to publish contents in a structured format. This work presents an automated way of inducing markup from natural language context of web-pages by applying knowledge base creation technique. As a dataset, Web Data Commons was used, and the scope for the experimental part was limited to RDFa. The approach was implemented using the Knowledge Graph building techniques - Knowledge Vault and KnowMore.

Keyphrases: Knowledge Graph, RDFa,, semantic markup, structured data, Web Data Commons

In: Christoph Benzmüller, Xavier Parent and Alexander Steen (editors). Selected Student Contributions and Workshop Papers of LuxLogAI 2018, vol 10, pages 38--42

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