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Engineering Theories with Z3

2 pagesPublished: November 25, 2013


Modern Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT)
solvers are fundamental to many program
analysis, verification, design and testing tools. They are a good
fit for the domain of software and hardware engineering because
they support many domains that are commonly used by the tools.
The meaning of domains are captured by theories that can be
axiomatized or supported by efficient <i>theory solvers</i>.
Nevertheless, not all domains are handled by all solvers and
many domains and theories will never be native to any solver.
We here explore different theories that extend Microsoft
Research's SMT solver Z3's basic
support. Some can be directly encoded or axiomatized,
others make use of user theory plug-ins.
Plug-ins are a powerful way for tools to supply their custom domains.

In: Konstantin Korovin, Stephan Schulz and Eugenia Ternovska (editors). IWIL 2012. The 9th International Workshop on the Implementation of Logics, vol 22, pages 1--2

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