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Practical Query Rewriting for DL-Lite with Numerical Predicates

13 pagesPublished: December 10, 2019


We present a method for answering ontology-mediated queries for DL-Lite extended with a concrete domain, where we allow concrete domain predicates to be used in the query as well. Our method is based on query rewriting, a well-known technique for ontology-based query answering (OBQA), where the knowledge provided by the ontology is compiled into the query so that the rewritten query can be evaluated directly over a database. This technique reduces the problem of query answering w.r.t. an ontology to query evaluation over a database instance. Specifically, we consider members of the DL-Lite family extended with unary and binary concrete domain predicates over the real numbers. While approaches for query rewriting DL-Lite with these concrete domain have been investigated theoretically, these approaches use a combined approach in which also the data is processed, and require the concrete domain values occurring in the data to be known in advance, which makes the procedure data-dependent. In contrast, we show how rewritings can be computed in a data-independent fashion.

Keyphrases: concrete domains, Description Logics, DL-Lite, Ontology-Based Query Answering, query rewriting

In: Diego Calvanese and Luca Iocchi (editors). GCAI 2019. Proceedings of the 5th Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence, vol 65, pages 15--27

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