Author:Ngoc Duong Vo



Advection scheme, climate change2, Cu De river catchment, Damage mitigation, Deterministic distributed hydrological, Distributed deterministic hydrological model, Distributed deterministic hydrological modelling, flood disaster, Flow stage, French Mediterranean region2, Groundwater flow process, Groundwater recharged volume, Groundwater spatial distribution, Kon - Ha Thanh river, Mike 11 model, MIKE SHE, MIKE SHE Snow melting process, Presure, Quang Nam Da Nang, RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5, reservoir operation, semi-distributed model, SWAT model2, Telemac-3D, Turbulance model, turbulence intensity, Var catchment, Var River Basin, Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Ressources and Environments, Waal river.