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Digital Gamification Guide to Encourage Economic Reactivation in Bogota

EasyChair Preprint no. 7544

16 pagesDate: March 12, 2022


This document presents a conceptual proposal through which the Government can include gamification as a tool in the design and implementation of programs and projects that aim to fulfill the mission objectives set forth in the legal system. In this regard, the phenomenon of economic reactivation in the city of Bogotá is addressed and the need to encourage citizens to participate in the different initiatives deployed by the District Government is raised. In this sense, the use of gamification is proposed as a tool to create participatory strategies with citizens. However, the conceptual development was divided into four main moments where it begins with a characterization of the citizens of Bogotá, which served as input to formulate the gamification components (objective, media, mechanics and dynamics) through the methodology “Game design”; then the reward systems are exposed and it closes with the simulated unification of how the proposal would operate. Finally, the legal feasibility of integrating gamification with what the Government does is supported, and the proposal for a second phase is left open, where it is sought to make use of information and communication technologies to make effective the operability of the concept proposal.

Keyphrases: game design, Gamificacion, Gobierno, Participación ciudadana

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